My Work

Hello. Thank you for visiting my website.
I'm currently working on redesigning it.
Below I have some examples of my work.
Click on the thumbnails to be taken to a full image of the project.
If the project was for a client and it is complete, you'll be taken to their full website.

About My Work

I create all of my projects in Photoshop.
I code all of my work in an app called Coda.
My favorite fonts are Abel, Fira Sans, and Arimo.
I'm guilty of using those in a lot of my work.

But First, A Note.

Sometimes, when I'm out and about, I see a color palette (usually in a bathroom in a restaurant) and an idea immediately comes to my mind for a website. I can see it clearly in my head. It's at that time I wish I can bring my laptop everywhere I go or, at the very least, remember to bring a small sketchbook so I can draw out my idea. One thing is certain, by the time I get home, I'm going to forget what vision I had. And I'm going to spend a very long time attempting to recreate it with the picture I will take of the bathroom wall with the perfect color palette.